Interdisciplinary Center for Narratology

Activities of the 3*N

1) Extensive preparatory literature research & drafting of a systematic research agenda for the exploration phase; building and content population of the project website & data repository based on Hamburg's AGORA system.

2)  Scoping Workshop at CAU Kiel, 10–11 April 2014

The AU-SDU-UHH-consortium wishes to extend its reach by including colleagues from CAU in their future initiatives. 

The purpose of the scoping workshop was to investigate the potential for medium-to-long term collaboration with colleagues from CAU.

3)  Workshop I: Focus theme 'Research design & protocol', Worpswede, 26–27 September 2014

The aim of this kick-off workshop will be to lay the foundation for a systematic exploration of the above topic from different disciplinary angles. For this purpose a number of Danish-German subteams will be formed, each with the brief to investigate a specific type of narrative representation that is considered uncontroversially 'factual' in terms of a common-sense definition. All teams will be provided with a uniform research protocol, a declarative taxonomy and software tools to annotate potential marks of factuality in their respective corpus.

4) Workshop II: Focus themes 'Report back & project sustainability'  (3 days, 2015)

The aim of the report-back workshop will be to analyze results from the subteam efforts and work towards a joint proposal. Subteams will report on their results and, provided that preliminary results are deemed feasible, the outline for an in-depth joint research project will be drafted, with a view to a 3-year research agenda. The workshop will also deliberate funding options and opportunities as well as the possibilty to integrate PhD and Postgraduate projects in a structured approach. The express goal of this workshop is to design a realistic cooperation structure that can be financially sustained.