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C-Fern Culture Supplies and Other Educational Materials

C-Fern Educational Materials are available from Carolina Biological Supply Company. For information please contact Carolina Biological at http://www.carolina.com or
call: 800-334-5551
fax 800-222-7112.



Prepared C-Fern Basic Nutrient Medium
Designed for growing the C-Fern gametophytes and young sporophytes. The 160 ml bottle is identical to the size in the C-Fern kits and will pour 10 of the 60 x 15 mm plates. The 400 ml bottle is a Quart Bottle and will pour 25 of the 60 x 15mm plates.

15-6780 160 ml

15-6781 400 ml



Powdered C-Fern Basic Nutrient Medium

Each packet contains the nutrients to prepare 1 liter of C-Fern Basic Nutrient Medium. Adjust the pH, add 10 grams of Bacto Agar®, autoclave, and pour into plates.

15-6782 1-liter packet powdered medium or 10 1-liter packets



Culture Dome

The culture dome system consists of a Poly-Tray (greenhouse tray) and a clear plastic humidity dome. Helps maintain constant temperature, reduce evaporation and contamination.

AA-15-6792 Poly-Tray with clear plastic humidity dome



C-Fern Visuals

Quality color images of C-Fern development and structure in wild type and mutant stocks.

AA-15-6783 Basic Transparency Set (6 35 mm transparencies) spores, mature male, mature hermaphrodite, close up of sperm, young embryo, mature sporophyte.

AA-15-6784 Extended Transparency Set (14 35mm transparencies) Basic set plus: high magnification images of polka dot and wild type cells in gametophytes and sporophytes, etiolation responses, and images of stained gametophytes to show cellular details.

AA-15-6789 Overhead Set (2 overhead sheets) - Color images of spores, gametophytes, young sporophytes, wild type and mutants, etc.

AA-15-6790 Photoframe Set (12 glossy 4x6" color photographs in acrylic frame stands) Photographs of spores, gametophytes, young sporophytes, wild type and mutants that illustrate C-Fern development



Culture Instructions and Individual Investigations From the C-Fern Manual

15-6793 C-Fern Culture Instructions and Background Information
A booklet of complete basic and extended culturing techniques and background information for teaching and research. Includes parts A, B and C from our 15-6775 C-Fern Manual. Does not include individual laboratory exercises.

15-6794 C-Fern Investigations: Sex in a Dish
This booklet contains instructional information on using C-Fern in a dynamic exploration of plant development and alternation of generations.

15-6795 C-Fern Investigations: The Pressures of Life
This booklet contains instructional information on using C-Fern to investigate the effects of population density on development.

15-6796 C-Fern Investigations: More Pressures of Life
This booklet contains an additional investigation (using serial dilution) extending the study of population density and development.

15-6797 C-Fern Investigations: Genetics in Action
This booklet contains exercises in Mendelian genetic principles of segregation, random fertilization, and dominance/recessiveness. C-Fern provides opportunities to analyze both haploid and diploid segregation ratios. With C-Fern , both haploid and subsequent diploid segregation ratios are analyzed. Excellent for hypothesis formulation and testing.

15-6798 C-Fern Investigations: Battle of the Sexes
This booklet contains instructional information to actively explore the nature of sexual differentiation in C-Fern.

15-6799 C-Fern Investigations: Chemical Attraction
This booklet contains instructional information to test the ability of highly active C-Fern sperm to detect and swim to chemical signals (positive chemotaxis). Can be adapted to many grade levels. Visually dynamic.