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Laura Marie Ernst of Ursuline Academy Wins a Grand Finalist, Second Award in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair!

Marie Sherman, Science Teacher at Ursuline Academy in St. Louis, MO, announced that one of her senior students, Ms. Laura Ernst, won a second in the Grand Awards at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair held in Detroit, MI in May, 2000. Laura placed in the top five out of a total of 88 entrants in her category (Botany). As part of her studies at Ursuline, Laura did a two-year project for Independent Science Research using C-Fern. Comparing the growth of wild type and salt tolerant C-Fern mutants (strain stl2) in 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% sea water, she found that the 25% and 50% groups grew surprisingly well. She then analyzed the tissues from each group for chloride, calcium, Vitamin C and chlorophyll content. This gave her some interesting data for graphs and extended analysis. Laura received $1,500 in prize money! In Fall 2000 she will attend Washington University (St. Louis) as a freshman majoring in Biology with a specialty in Botany.

Exhibit at NSTA 2000- Orlando, FL
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An Exciting New C-Fern Investigation
C-Fern Sperm Chemotaxis

Now Available Instructor and Student Versions of the Laboratory Write-up
A review article about using
C-Fern in the classroom

Hickok, LG, TR Warne, SL Baxter and CT Melear. Sex and the C-Fern: Not just another life cycle. BioScience 48: 1031-1037
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C-Fern Image Gallery Look for a variety of new C-Fern images including several upcoming visible mutants!

C-Fern and the National Science Education Standards

NEW C-Fern Growth Pod directions for assembling a growth pod that makes culture of C-Fern even more reliable, cheaper and faster.

C-Fern in Space! C-Fern flew as part of the experiment payload on Shuttle Mission STS-93 on 20 July 1999. Learn more about how C-Fern may help us to understand the effect of gravity on cells in the summary contributed by Dr. Stan Roux.

Research Link 2000 The C-Fern Project is participating in Research Link 2000 - dedicated to promoting field tested research-based course materials and research activity at all levels of the undergraduate curriculum.

C-Fern Educational Materials for classroom or student research are available through Carolina Biological Supply Company

In the C-Fern Web Journal- Check out the newest contribution - Phytochrome mRNA levels in spores and gametophytes of the fern Ceratopteris richardii under conditions of light or darkness by J. Reece and R. J. Scott