Botany online 1996 - 2004. No further update, only historical document of botanical science!

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Botany online aims at passing on plant knowledge to students and other interested web-users. We hope to prompt you to participate. But above all do we hope that all users of Botany online enjoy the time they spend visiting our project.

Botany online is based on the textbook 'Botanik' by Peter von Sengbusch (Mc Graw Hill Book Company, 1989). The original text has been supplemented by hundreds of coloured illustrations and photos by animated molecular models, short animations of movements and flower diagrams. The text is interconnected by numerous links and nearly each new topic or subtopic starts with a short summary and ends with a bibliography. We have also added a hypertext register that makes it easy to find any wanted term.

Botany online is organized into topics, not chapters, in order to maintain an open structure.As regards content and layout did we aim at achieving the standard of American textbooks.

The project has more of a library than of an electronic book. It is constantly under construction and will hopefully and with your help keep being under construction for a long time to come !


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