Per Krogh Hansen

Per Krogh Hansen is Head of the Department of Design and Communication at the University of Southern Denmark. Krogh Hansen has in his research had focus on a great variety of narratological concepts. His book Karakterens rolle. Aspekter af en litterær karakterologi (The role of character. Aspects of a literary characterology, 2000) explores the concept of character, whereas he in other studies have written on narration, unreliable narrators, metafiction, realism, fairy tales, corporate storytelling, film musicals, etc. Beside narrative theory, Krogh Hansen is a specialist of modern Danish literature. He has edited and co-edited many books—among these are When we get to the end…Towards a Narratology of the Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen (with Marianne Wolff Lundholt, 2005), Borderliners: Searching the Boundaries of Narrativity and Narratology/Afsøgning af narrativitetens og narratologiens grænser (2009), and Strange Voices in Narrative Fiction (with Stefan Iversen, Henrik Skov Nielsen and Rolf Reitan, 2011). Since 2004 Krogh Hansen has been a literary critic on the Danish newspaper Berlingske, and in the period 2011-13 he was chairman of ENN—The European Narratology Network 2011-13.