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Biology Web Site references for Students and Teachers - Ken House graduated from Adelphi University with a BA & MA degree in biology, testing and science education. Additional graduate studies include 60 hours beyond the Masters degree that include six National Science Foundation Grants at Long Beach State College (CA), Univ. Cal. (Berkeley), Indiana Univ. (Bloomington) and Adelphi.
I retired from teaching in 1992 after 31 years in which I taught AP Biology, NY State Regents Biology, microbiology, genetics and other science electives. I was the NY State Director of the Outstanding Biology Teacher Award Program for 10 years. I served as an AP Biology Essay reader for 6 years and an item writer for the AP Biology examinations during this time. I was also an AP Biology Consultant with the College Board, Middle States Section for 8 years. During my teaching career, I received 5 teaching awards, including the 1985 Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching, and two awards from the National Association of Biology Teachers: an Outstanding Biology Teacher Award in 1983 and Honorary Membership in 1996.
I have participated in AOL's "Ask-A-Teacher" Program since 1991, answering biology questions on both the College and High School Message Boards. My website, Biology WebSite References evolved from these activities to provide students and teachers with biology references. I am currently a Board Host in Biological Sciences on the College Message Boards.

Cell Chemistry - Biochemical Reactions — Physical/Chemical preconditions. Several links
Botany Online: Hypertextbook — Search engine, dictionary.German, English.
Ions and Small Molecules — 12 hyperlinks. Information, illustrations

Macromoledules II — hyperlinks. Information, illustrations
Plants: Secondary Metabolism — Defence compounds. 8 topical links
Small Molecules and Ions — 12 hyperlinks. Information, illustrations
Carbohydrate Turnover — Plant carbohydrate reactions
Cellulose and Chitin — Structure and function
Lipid Biosynthesis
Amino Acid Biosynthesis
One Gene, One Enzyme, One Reaction — Shortdiscussion Amino acid syntheses
Enzymes: Reaction Types — Nomenclature, on Four levels
Nucleotide Biosynthesis
ATP and Other Nucleoside Triphosphates
Carbohydrate Turnover — Plant carbohydrate reactions
Chlorophyll Synthesis
Porphyrin Biosynthesis
Photosynthesis V — Reactions, regulation, membranes, C3, C4, CAM metabolism
Proton, Electron Acceptors — Hydrogen acceptors
RuBisCo — Carbon Fixation. Information, diagrams
Electron Transport, Oxidative Phosphorylation II
Glycolysis and Citric Acid Cycle II
Oxidative Phosphorylation, Electron Transport

Genetic Diversity II — Estimates of biodiversity value
Plant/Bacteria Interactions — Genetic Engineering. 3 links Polyploidy

Evolution and Population Genetics
Evolution: Modern Synthesis — 7 links
Evolution: Survey and Questions — 4 links
Darwin's Origin of Species II — By chapters
Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle III — From The Harvard Classics Volume 29
Paleozoic Forests — History
Molecular Changes and Plant Evolution — Info and hyperlinks
Populations: Selection and Fitness — Definitions and theory. Hyperlinks
Reproductive Isolation and Mechanisms III— Pre/poszygotic barriers, hybrids, etc.
Evolution of Life — Information, hyperlinks
Biology: General References
Science: History — 10 hyperlinks. (English, German)
Microscopy: Cells and Tissues — hyperlinks. (English, German)
Cell Structure, Function
Cells: Basic Metabolism
Cell Wall — Information, hyperlinks
Cytoskeleton and Intracellular Movements — Filaments, tubules, more
Microtubules — 9+2 arrangement: discussion, illustration
Plant Organelle Compartments — Information, significance B
Plastids II
Meiosis and Mitosis — Includes chromosome theory of inheritance, Karyokinesis, Cytokinesis
Molecular Genetics
Genetic Prospects for New Developments — End of an epoch, New era, extensive article
Protein Synthesis, Replication — Bridge cycle, breakage and more
Mendelian Genetics
Genetic Prospects for New Developments — End of an epoch, New era, extensive article
Autopolyploidy And Somatic Polyploidy
Mendel: Earlier Works
Mendel: Hybridization Experiments
Mendel's Laws and Mutation — information and 9 hyperlinks
Plant Physiology
Botany Hypertextbook — Most extensive online source for botany/plant physiology topics. German/English.
Circadian Rhythmics, Growth and Turgor Movements — 11 extensive hyperlinks
Flowering Plants — Features with 7 links to structures. (English, German)
Growth, Turgor Movements and Circadian Rhythmics — 11 extensive hyperlinks
Plant Hormones and Growth Regulators — 10 hyperlinks
Plant Responses to Light — Phototaxis, photomorphogenesis, photoperiodism.
Autopolyploidy And Somatic Polyploidy
Photoperiodism II — Flowering Response
Protoplasts and Tissue Cultures — Plant development. 4 links
Epidermis: Cell Types and Structure — Stoma, trichomes, hydathodes, etc.
Intercellular Structures — 4 links. (English, German)
Tissues: Dermal, Parenchyma and Assimilation Tissues — 6 links. (English, German)
Tissues: Supporting, Conducting — 11 links. (English, German)

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85.Allgemeine Botanik
86.Botany online - The Internet Hypertextbook
88.Skript zur Botanik: fabulous
89.The Virtual Foliage Home Page!

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Botany Online: Along with molecular reactions, this tutorial contains information on plant anatomy and genetics. From Universität Hamburg.

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences at Bethesda Maryland - Mark R. Adelman - Associate Professor of Anatomy, Physiology and Genetics and Director, Biomedical Instrumentation Center
Academic Info: Your Gateway to Quality Educational Resources - Academic Info, online since 1998, began as an independent Internet subject directory owned by Michael Madin and maintained with the assistance of a quality group of subject specialists. In the spring of 2000 Michael left the University of Washington Gallagher Law Library to focus solely on Academic Info. In 2002 Academic Info became a registered non-profit organization of the state of Washington. Academic Info is now ad free and relies on donations to remain online.

Academic Info Botany & Plant Biology: Digital Library
Botany Online - The Internet Hypertextbook: The International Edition Based on Botanik, by Peter von Sengbusch, 1989.

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15. Botany online - The Internet Hypertextbook: Contents Botany online - The Internet Hypertextbook International Edition - Contents - This edition of Botany online is still under construction. 42 themes were tansferred into English up to now. The translation of the other themes will proceed continuously. Many of...

geometry - The online learning center - Find the Most Popular Books, Videos and DVDs on BOTANY

23.Botany online - The Internet Hypertextbook (International Edition) "Botany online is based on the textbook 'Botanik' by Peter von Sengbusch(Mc Graw Hill Book Company, 1989). The original text has beensupplemented by hundreds of coloured illustrations and photos byanimated molecular models, short animations of movements and flowerdiagrams. The text is interconnected by numerous links and nearly each newtopic or subtopic starts with a short summary and ends with a bibliography.We have also added a hypertext register that makes it easy to find anywanted term Botany online is organized into topics, not chapters, in order to maintain anopen structure." It is both a cross between a botanical encyclopedia anda hypertextbook on botany. ... ...

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Botany Online - This site offers a growing resource of botanical related topics. Offering information on ecology, genetics, the anatomy of cells, and more. The site was first produced in German, however articles are being translated into English. Go ahead... learn something about your houseplants.

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5. Oingo: "Science"
6. Botany Online - The Internet Hypertextbook: Contents
7. BirdCast
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At 11:51 17-01-2002 EST, you wrote:
Red, > yellow , and green light has no effect on most plants."... from>>>>>Botany > online - The Internet Hypertextbook > International Edition > >>> >>

Re: Auxin question
From: Carol Jensen (jorna@MOBILIXNET.DK)
Date: 01/17/02
Previous message: Carol Jensen: "Re: amaryllis and strange thaw"
Anser on
At 11:03 17-01-2002 -0500, you wrote: >Wouldn't it then stand to reason that like other plants, Amaryllis too goes >through the process of Auxin production; the Auxins get produced, destroyed >from exposure to light, leaving the rest of the Auxins on the side that >isn't as exposed to the light, producing a 'lop-sided' growth as a result? > >Raven > Well, Raven, the flower stem grows crosswise to the leaves, which in a way makes the amaryllis lopsided. Have you thought of that? leaves are pulling east and west, say, first flower stem pulling north. Later second flower stem pulling south. These stems are heavy things when the bud begins to split into four heavy flower buds!!! They have always toppled for me the year I buy them (14 inch pot) but never thereafter, because I transplant them.

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