History of Palaeozoic Forests


Early conifers looked very similar to the modern genus Araucaria. However, the cones were completely different. The earliest forms are known from the middle Westphalian and by the end of the Westphalian they may be locally common. Nevertheless, they are usually very rare elements in Carboniferous floras. One example shows a typical conifer from the famous Hamilton Quarry in Kansas which also yielded many vertebrate remains.

Walchia Hamilton Quarry - Emporia State University, KS

Walchia sp., a limonitized specimen from the Wewoka Formation, Oklahoma - Environmental Studies, Ohio University.

Walchia in the famous Brule Locality, Nova Scotia, Canada

Cassinisa orobica - Paläobotanik, Münster

Pseudovoltzia liebeana - Paläobotanik, Münster

History of Palaeozoic Forests