Head: Prof. Dr. Hans Kerp


Abt. Paläobotanik, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität
Hindenburgplatz 57,
D-48143 Münster, Germany
Ph: (+) 49-251-83-23966
Fax: (+) 49-251-83-21739

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The Westfälische Wilhelms University in Münster is one of the few German universities where palaeobotany is taught and palaeobotanical research is carried out.

Research of the so-called "Forschungsstelle für Paläobotanik" (= Palaeobotanical Research Unit) primarily focuses on Palaeozoic and early Mesozoic floras. The aims are to get a better insight in the natural relationships between the various, long since extinct groups of fossil plants, their development and ecology, as well as biostratigraphy, palaeoclimatology and phytogeography. The regularly updated History of Palaeozoic Forests pages present an illustrated introductory text with many photo links.

In Münster palaeobotany is fully incorporated in the teaching programme of the Department of Geology and Palaeontology. Courses and excursions are also open for biology, geography and landscape ecology students.

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