C4: Computers in Chemistry at Cabrillo College
Molecular Library MacroViewer

Hardware and Software Requirements


  • Minimum

    • 120 MHz Pentium PC with 24 megabytes of RAM
    • 200 MHz 604e Macintosh with 24 megabytes of RAM. Netscape must be allocated 12 Mb or more of RAM.

  • Optimal

    • 200 MHz Pentium or any Pentium II PC with 32 or more megabytes of RAM
    • Any G3 Macintosh with 32 or more megabytes of RAM. Netscape allocated 16 Mb of memory or more


  • Microsoft Windows 95/98, NT, or Apple MacOS 8.5
  • Netscape Navigator or Communicator version 4.06 or later (4.5 recommended)
  • MDLI's Chime plug-in version 2.0 (not a beta version)


  • This software works only with Netscape Navigator/Communicator and not with Internet Explorer.

  • If you have both Netscape and Internet Explorer on your computer, please start Netscape first, then use it to open the Macroviewer.

  • Due to the speed limitations of the Java Virtual Machine within Netscape Navigator/Communicator for the MacOS, the Macroviewer does not work as smoothly on a Mac as it does on a PC. A beta release Java plug-in for Netscape that uses MRJ 2.1 for MacOS is now available and promises to improve the performance of Java in Netscape. We are looking into how to use this to improve the performance of this software on a Macintosh. Until then the computational complexity of the Chime Toolbox used in the Macroviewer requires a Macintosh G3 to realize its power.

  • Prior to release this software was extensively tested on the following two computers:

    • 300 MHz Pentium II computer with 128 Mb of RAM using Windows 95 and Netscape Communicator 4.06

    • 200 MHz 604e Power Macintosh with 32 Mb of RAM using MacOS 8.1 and Netscape 4.06.

    Although this software has been rigorously tested over the past 8 months of development, we cannot anticipate how it will perform on every possible system configuration. Our hopes are that the systems we designed this software on are comparable to those that might be found at many education institutions. Please feel free to direct any observations about the performance of this software to


C4: Computers in Chemistry at Cabrillo College