IOPI Database of Plant Databases (DPD)

The Database of Plant Databases (DPD for short) is a global list of plant databases, to tell you who is putting together what data and where. The DPD contains virtually no plant data as such, but serves to put you in contact with the projects that do. Most, but not all, entries concern databases about higher plants. Roughly speaking, there are three kinds of database:
  1. Taxonomic databases, with systematic information on families or genera, or for Flora projects.
  2. Collection catalogues, usually of herbaria.
  3. DELTA datasets. DELTA is the Description Language for Taxonomy, a data format for character data, used for identification, key construction and the generation of descriptions.


    International Organization for Plant Information (IOPI) Authorized WWW server. DPD page. Richard Pankhurst (editor). Last modified: July 10, 1995