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Plant Distribution and Vegetation Mapping Finland (that's where this page is maintained)
Coordinate conversion and transformation Coordinate systems, geodetic datums, map projections
Free digital datasets Gazetteers
GIS and metadata guides GPS
Institutes, organizations, societies Interactive maps
Map collections Mapping programs
National mapping agencies Resource lists




Coordinate Conversion and Transformation

The mapping software packages have various utilities for coordinate conversion; here are links to programs created for just for the conversion.

Coordinate Systems, Geodetic Datums, Map Projections

Free digital datasets

The mapping software packages include datasets for base maps, and they often can be converted to formats which can be used in other programs. Here are some links to some of the sites which have made free coordinate files available (there are many more such sites, especially in USA):


Using these services you can enter a place name and see the results in your WWW browser either as a map or as coordinate data.

GIS and metadata guides



Institutes, Organizations, Societies

Interactive Maps

Mapping Programs

Just a small selection:

Map collections, basemap data

The CGRER list (link below) is so that there is no sense to put many links here.

National Mapping Agencies

just a small selection:

Resource Lists

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