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High Moor Plants

High Moors are extreme habitats. They contain nutrient-poor peat, that consists usually of dead Sphagnum that has not decomposed properly due to a lack of oxygen instead of a mineral-containing soil. The pH is very low. All moor plants have adapted to the low supply of nutrients. They tolerate dammed up water, but are very sensitive towards an increase of the pH. They are therefor rarely able to live in other types of habitats. Moors are characterised by a only a small variety of species. Annual and two-year plants are missing. The rather short period of vegetation and the low supply of nutrients, among it a rather acute lack of nitrogen do not allow a complete developmental cycle in just one year. Bulb plants and tuber plants are missing, too, as their storage organs are unable to cope with the increase in the amount of peat. Species with rhizomes and runners are common as they are able to rise their shoots to the new soil surface.


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