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Structure of a TMV-Particle

Helically arranged Protein Subunits enclosing RNA - Quaternary Structure

The RNA has a molecular weight of 2,1 x 106. The protein coat consists of 2130 identical polypeptide chains, each with a molecular weight of 17.500. The polypeptide is made up of 158 amino acid residues. It is one of the first proteins, where the amino acid sequence was determined. (G. SCHRAMM und coworkers in Tübingen, 1959, and A. TSUGITA and H. FRAENKEL-CONRAT in Berkeley, 1960). The molecular weight of the TMV virus particle (virion) is 40 x 106. (D. L. D. CASPAR, 1963). For more details about tertiary and quaternary structure click on the buttom below (text in German, but with self explaining impessive Chime tutorial)


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