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Herbarium Specimens

To the left: Bryonia dioica (Common Bryony, Curcubitaceae): The leaves are alternate, have leaf stalks and are of a broadly cordate outline. The shape is palmate with 5 segments. The segments are egg-shaped to triangular, deeply lobed or irregularly toothed. The leaves are opposed by simple tendrils. - to the right: Vitis vinifera var. sylvestris (Grapevine - wild type - Vitaceae): Leaves of a circular shape. The male plants have leaves with 3 - 5 segments separated by deep clefts though not as far as the midrib (the female plants have less deep, sometimes only very small clefts). Every leaf is opposed by a tendril.

To the left: Lathyrus sylvestris (Everlasting Pea, Fabaceae): Leaves with just one pair of leaflets and a branched tendril. - to the right: Vicia sepium (Bush Vetch): The leaves are imparipinnate, the terminal leaflet and the upper lateral leaflets are changed into tendrils.

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